Electric Skateboard v3.0: The Banana Board

Introducing my third prototype electric skateboard: the Banana Board! It’s lighter, cooler-looking, and has a longer range than the second electric skateboard. This board features a CNC cut deck, a longer range than my previous skateboard, new electronics, and a smaller electronics enclosure. Weighing in at 11 pounds, it’s also the lightest electric skateboard that I have built so far. This post will be a rough guide/build log on the Banana Board. I’ll make a video on it as soon as I upgrade my computer.

CNC deck:


The deck I used was cut from 1/2″ scrap plywood using my dad’s homemade CNC machine. I started the design process in Photoshop, where I imported and refined a deck design. I then took the resulting image file over to Inventor, where I made a 3D model of the deck. Then I took the 3D model and brought it over to Mastercam X5, where I was able to generate the code needed to cut the deck.

Down in the garage, I loaded the .NC file into Mach3 Mill, drilled some pilot holes using a counter-sink bit, then cut the deck using a 1/4″ end bit. I repeated the process again, and ended up with two identical decks. I’m really happy with the deck style I chose; it’s the perfect balance between speed and control for an electric skateboard!

Here’s the G-Code I used to cut the deck: Deck.NC

New Electronics:


The new circuit for the electric skateboard consists of 2x 3s 4Ah 20C Li-Po batteries hooked up in parallel in order to power a 3s ESC, rather than a 6s like on the old skateboard. This means that the top speed of the skateboard is limited to about 22km/h. However, the speed limit is a good thing. These brushless motors are more efficient at lower speeds, and even though we used less capacity batteries, we get slightly more than 10km per charge.

The receiver we used was once again the GT2B, but I’m planning on replacing it with one of my Bluetooth smartphone receivers to make it more of a commute vehicle, rather than a super fun toy (which it most certainly is!). The drive system/motor assembly was the same as the one in the electric skateboard v2.0.



This electric skateboard is a great improvement over the old versions. It’s light enough to carry, yet has enough power and endurance to really be used as a “last-mile” commute vehicle. This particular board is for my 9-year-old cousin (who’s feet are shown in the very first photograph of this post) but the board definitely has enough power to propel a growing teenager like myself, and my dad (but not at the same time!).

The next board is going to be a variation of this banana board, but it’s going to include a chain-drive, and the electronics from the previous electric skateboard. I’m going to be making very detailed videos on this project, and many of my other projects once I finish building my editing workstation PC, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

Vladislav Pomogaev

I'm a highschooler who is interested in technology, science, and engineering. In my spare time I work on projects that allow me to learn new skills and concepts. - Vlad

5 thoughts on “Electric Skateboard v3.0: The Banana Board

  1. HI!

    Can i use 5000amh 2-3s lipo battery, with 60a esc and 800 watt motor? How fast will it go do u think?
    Thank u for this awsome blog!!!

  2. Hi Vlad,

    First of all, thank you very much for the amazing and inspirational material that you post and share with us!

    I Have been exceptionally inspired by the electric skateboard project and I would like to build one for my friend Ted’s birthday. Unfortunately I am not extremely comfortable with electronics but I decided to give it a go.

    As I understood from your skateboard V 2.0 project the list of things I need are as follows, next to each part listed I have some doubts due to my electrical ignorance… Moreover, would the list be the same now that you have upgraded to the v 3.0 version?


    180mm Trucks with 83mm flywheels
    Turnigy Aerodrive 280kv Brushless Outrunner Motor > Engine (does it matter if the Kvs are higher or lower?)
    36 tooth pulley (Part #: A 6A25-036NF0910) > Does it have to be in a certain material, steel/plastic?)
    14 tooth pulley (Part #: A 6A25M014DF0906) > Same question as above
    5mm timing belt (Part #: A 6R25M054090) ($8)
    2″ washer
    1/4 aluminum blank (Min size 121mm by 51mm)
    6x 1/4″ by 2.5″ bolts
    6x 1/4″ 20 nuts
    4x M4 by 12mm bolts
    4x M4 washers


    2x 5000mAh 20c 3 cell (11.1v) Lithium Battery > what is the optimal battery to buy?
    EZRUN/HobbyWing 150A-PRO Brushless ESC > What is the optimal ESC to buy?
    HK-GT2B Transmitter and Receiver or Bluetooth controller > I would go for the controller unless you have made available your smartphone connection.
    Lithium Battery Charger (I use the IMAX B6) > does any battery charger do the job or you need to have specific battery charger for the type of batteries?
    4mm Banana Jacks (6 pairs) ($4)
    10 gauge flexible wire (2 feet) ($7)
    2 3s to 6s Balance Adapter ($1)
    6s Balance Extension Cable ($1)


    Skateboard deck
    Truck spacers (optional)

    Thank you so much for your help and time!


  3. Hi Vlad,
    I have new Idea .
    I am going to make a electric skateboard. It is like banana Board.
    For making this things you just need.

    Things required:

    300000 mah Li-po battery Power bank
    Usb Port Adapter 3
    Solar panel
    Jst Connector Male & Female
    Bluetooth Reciver
    3s adapter
    3s Pin Header
    Copper Rod
    3.0Kv Motor
    Huge Washer
    Chain Roller
    Small Washer
    180 mm Paris Trucks silver
    83mm Flywheel

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