Bluetooth Skateboard Controller Update!

I have successfully produced 4 prototype electric skateboard controllers. Here are the specs:

  • Modes: Car/Boat and Electric Skateboard
  • Sensitivity: 1000 degrees
  • Input Voltage: 4.5~6.5 VDC
  • Max Voltage Measurement: 55 volts
  • Failsafe: Slowly turns off the motor
  • Dimensions: 50.0 x 38 x 12mm

These controllers are almost ready to ship. All that’s left is to waterproof each circuit using epoxy resin, and ensure compatibility across all Android devices.

Vladislav Pomogaev

I'm a highschooler who is interested in technology, science, and engineering. In my spare time I work on projects that allow me to learn new skills and concepts. - Vlad

6 thoughts on “Bluetooth Skateboard Controller Update!

  1. Hey Vlad,
    I was wondering how I could get a hold of you and to ask you a few questions about your bluetooth remote.
    I am working on building a remote controlled skateboard and think the app would be a great way to control the board. Also had an idea for you, what about using the app to see your speed? Maybe based on GPS of the phone or something. Let me know.

  2. Really cool project! One suggestion might be to go smd and etch your own boards to make it smaller
    There are lots of instructables for etching circuit boards. I suggest this etchent:!–A-better-etc/?ALLSTEPS
    i also suggest using dry photoresist as its fairly easy and can be used as a soldermask as well.
    although if you really wont to make them professional you can have a pcb fab house do it. I know there are some out there that do it for fairly cheap.
    One last thing to add: You could put a cheap switch mode 5v supply for more input voltage range and better efficiency than a linear supply.

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