SW System

One of my long-time projects has been the Small Website System. I started working on it in 2012 and I have been expanding, remaking, and tweaking ever since. I even encountered several hard-drive crashes, and even that didn’t stop me.


  • Version 0.1 (Buggy, glitchy, but it “kindof” works!, recommended to run with phpmyadmin)

4 thoughts on “SW System

    1. Hey I like your website! Your work is well documented and impressive considering your age. (I was brought here by the electric longboard project). I suggest that you add a ‘follow by email’ button to your website, and notify me when you do so that I can follow! Also, listing dates with your posts helps readers determine if they are reading current content.
      You might be interested to check out my blog at EngineerDog.com. Its a new site but the plan is to post projects, technical resources, and discuss ideas.

      1. Thank you! I’ve been working on a follow button ever since you posted this comment, and I don’t think I can do it. WordPress blogs which are hosted by WordPress (like yours) use their email servers to send out updates. My blog isn’t hosted by WordPress, I actually host it here at home, so no WordPress email servers for me. I believe I do have an email server on this domain (from godaddy) but I’ve just given up finding a way to hook it up to this blog. As for the post dates, those were there already, but I’ve made them bigger now.

        I checked out your blog, I like where it’s going so I’ll be monitoring :)

        1. Hi Vlad,

          Subscribe2 plugin will give you the “follow me” ability you need for a self-hosted WordPress installation.

          I too was brought here through the longboard instructable. You are a very impressive you gent to say the least!

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