Photographing the Moon


Time to take a break from all of this autopilot stuff. I decided to photograph the moon since the sky was eerily clear (Vancouver weather). I had an old telescope lying around; focal point 500mm, diameter 50mm. I used a process called afocal photography, basically taking a photo of the eyepiece. In all, the moon turned out okay, have a look….

I own a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and I used it for these shots. I shot the last photo with a f/5.6, 1/40s exposure, and an insane ISO of 3200. These aren’t the best shots, however I will try and play around with the settings when I get a chance.

Vladislav Pomogaev

I'm a highschooler who is interested in technology, science, and engineering. In my spare time I work on projects that allow me to learn new skills and concepts. - Vlad

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