Weather Station: Parts

Part # Name Notes Price Shipping Arrival Link
DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor $3.93 Friday, Aug. 1 – Tuesday, Aug. 19
BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor Also known as BMP085 $2.03 Friday, Aug. 1 – Tuesday, Aug. 19
Resistor Pack 600, 30 each Accuracy 1% $4.49 Friday, Aug. 1 – Tuesday, Aug. 19
Prototype PCB, 10 each 5 x 7cm, Hole: 2.54, 1mm $1.51 Tuesday, Aug. 5 – Wednesday, Aug. 20
Reed Switch, 10 each 2mm x 14mm $1.99 Friday, Aug. 1 – Tuesday, Aug. 19
MX-05V Reciever and Transmitter 433Mhz $0.99 Fri. 15 Aug. – Fri. 5 Sep
TO-220 Voltage Regulator, 5 each 5v $1.45 Thu. 14 Aug. – Thu. 4 Sep.
Capacitors, 210 each $3.41 Tue. 5 Aug. – Wed. 20 Aug.
FV88 USB to Serial adapter Also known as FT232RL $3.20 Tue. 5 Aug. – Wed. 20 Aug.
AtMega328, 2 With Pinout $2.53 Tue. 5 Aug. – Wed. 20 Aug.
16Mhz crystal $0.99 Wed. 6 Aug. – Thu. 21 Aug.

Quite recently I’ve ordered all of the electronics to make my own weather station. Why build a weather station? Mainly to share data with other people, improve forecasts, and get some experience building these types of things. The plan is to put it on the roof or someplace within range (20-100m) of the web server (the same one that you are using to view my blog). This range is guided by the transmitter/receiver combo in the list above. Power will be via solar panel and lithium battery. It will be a relatively small device, so I may have to buy a more compact panel rather than building my own. There are several sensors needed for a basic weather station:

  • Thermometer
  • Barometer (for measuring air pressure)
  • Hygrometer (NOT a hydrometer, for measuring humidity)
  • Anemometer (for measuring wind speed)
  • Wind Vane (for wind direction)
  • Rain gauge (for precipitation)

So far I have half of the sensors I need. I ordered the 10 reed switches to fulfill the rest of the sensors. A magnet and 8 switches will measure the wind direction, 1 switch for the wind speed, and one for the rain gauge.

While the parts are being shipped, I am planning to build the rain gauge. It will be a tipping bucket style. Hopefully I will get part of it done by tomorrow.

I’ve also built a schematic for use on the perfboard I ordered.

circuit (3)

I’m a bit worried about the placement of components near the radio and barometer, so this sketch is just temporary.

I’m also planning to make some PC software to go along with the station. I was thinking of a Window app that takes the serial from the receiving Arduino and put it into MYSQL rows for display on my blog. Maybe even the sidebar if the project gets that far!

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