First real flight!

Yesterday was the first time I had ever flown a model plane non-stop for more than 30 seconds. The AXN Floater Jet┬áby Hobbyking served as an excellent training plane for me. Speaking from experience, the robustness of the plane is what makes it fun to fly. I was no longer frustrated when plane crashed since I knew it would be able to fly again in no time (with a bit of duct-tape of course). Anyways, here is a short little video of the flight…

The plane was oddly trimmed at first and didn’t want to cooperate. It kept banking to the right so I had to compensate. I couldn’t trim the bank without taking the servos off, so I had to just roll with it.

I suggest for anyone learning to fly an RC plane to perform hops at first. Don’t try to turn or gain much altitude, just try to keep the plane level. Then when you feel confident enough, take the plane up higher.. much higher. I made the mistake of trying to practice turns low to the ground which resulted in a nasty hit with the fence. That’s when I started to apply duct tape more generously.

Vladislav Pomogaev

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