Electric Skateboard v2.0 Tutorial!

Here’s the tutorial for my electric skateboard version 2.0! This skateboard is similar to the electric longboard, but this time I’ve added a Bluetooth smartphone controller, a dual battery charging system, and we also used aluminum parts for the drive system. Additionally, we’ve made the deck shorter, so now I can actually use this board to get to school and back! Here’s the link to an instructable I wrote on this project.

Starting my own web-store!

Ever since the release of the original electric longboard, I’ve had tons of requests to sell/release the Bluetooth skateboard controller that I made. So far I have three prototypes complete; the third one has three operational channels and a really sweet looking Android app.

Hopefully, by mid-September I’ll be able to etch this last prototype using my dad’s CNC mill. When that’s done, I’ll put up the controllers on currentcontrolsystems.com where anyone in the world can buy one! Plus, the controller is open-hardware!

Vladislav Pomogaev

I'm a highschooler who is interested in technology, science, and engineering. In my spare time I work on projects that allow me to learn new skills and concepts. - Vlad

One thought on “Electric Skateboard v2.0 Tutorial!

  1. I love you electric skateboard tutorial but I have a few questions. I have a Carver skateboard and I would love to power it with an electric motor. I also have double stack gull wing trucks. Would you suggest just getting 180mm Paris trucks or is there a way that you have seen that works well with the Gulls? Why? If you suggest just getting the Paris trucks would you be interested in selling one with the motor mount attached and shipping it? Also I’m not to fond of carrying my phone while boarding like that but I’m not crazy about the huge remote controller ether. Do you have an alternate solution?
    Thank you so much for all of your gifted talent and information.
    Calvin Toone

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